The Best Instagram Bot

InstaFlow Gold Version

Price : 9 USD

How to buy: To Buy the bot, click on the link above then click on the page on buy now. Directly after your payment you will receive a link with the download and the serial.

Keep calm and let the bot  do it!

With this Bot you can get  2000+ followers in a week.  Easily manage your instagram account. You will get a lot of likes and comments for your photos as a result of using this Bot. Even the worst picture in your photos will get over 100 likes and  over 100 comments after using the bot for few weeks.


  • Automated Likes
  • Superlike feature
  • #tag grabber
  • multiaccount support
  • over 900 likes per hour
  • picture preview
  • Run the bot 24/7 – tested!

Other Facilities

  • Developer support
  • Free Updates
  • User Guide PDF 


  • Windows Xp, Vista, 7 , 8